About Us

The Company

Meta5, Inc. develops and markets business intelligence integration software to solve analytical problems for businesses with ever-changing data and data sources.

The number one constraint many of our clients face is obtaining timely access to critical data that resides in a plethora of sources, ranging from relational databases to PC-based spreadsheets. The Meta5 Data Analyst Desktop is precisely engineered to solve problems in a rapid and consistent manner. In addition, Meta5 also provides the tools necessary to analyze and integrate this data, enhancing the efficiency and timeliness of critical business decisions.

The People

Meta5 CEO Jim Kanzler has more than 25 years of working at the leading edge of Business Intelligence Solutions. The Meta5 team are among the most experienced and most knowledgeable Business Intelligence Consultants in the world. Our network of business partners enables us to bring world class skills to any Business Intelligence project. Come and Meet the Team.

The History

Meta5 was founded in 2000 when Relational Development Systems (RDS), a long standing IBM Partner of IBM, was selected to migrate IBM’s Intelligent Decision Server (IDS) product from the IBM OS/2 operating system to the Windows platform. RDS was the perfect partner for IBM because of our unique business and technological skills working in the Business Intelligence market. At the time of the agreement RDS rebranded the technology and its company to Meta5.

This agreement launched a new beginning allowing this unique technology to work in the world of Windows. Since 2000 Meta5 continued to enhance this technology to work with modern systems and applications. This has allowed us to grow and integrate with today’s ever changing data and with today’s business applications. Meta5 is uniquely engineered to integrate today’s data and applications and to work with the new interfaces of the future. The future is here, Meta5. Steeped in our rich history we now look forward to the future delivering Business Intelligence Systems that others can only dream of.